It’s important to pay attention to what BLACKHAWK OWNERS have to say in this sport. These are the people who fly our equipment every day. They aren’t trying to sell you something. They just want to share how excited they are about this life-changing sport. After 2 decades of helping customers realize their dream of personal flight, we’ve collected quite the number of testimonials. Here are a few of them. If you’d like to add your testimonial to our website, please email

Mike Robinson, CEO - BlackHawk Paramotors USA



I decided that I was going to realize my dream of flight as my 2020 New Year’s resolution. I’m kicking myself for not doing this sooner. It’s been transformative. Literally life-changing. I haven’t looked forward to the weekends this much since I was in school. My problems disappear the moment my feet leave the ground. I can’t thank BlackHawk Paramotors USA enough for changing my life like this. The world would be a better place if more people flew. My Paramotor fits in the back of my car and goes everywhere with me. Best customer service ever!

Sokhy Kak, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


I flew everything else BEFORE trying the BlackHawk, now I am a dedicated BH user. No-one else has done so much to help people get into this sport but now, it’s not just for beginners! The Talon v3 is second to none and if you want to learn or tear it up as an experienced pilot, you can’t go wrong with the Core! You should schedule a flight with a local dealer or come to a fly-in and try it out. Remember, the paramotor is simply weight and thrust and your concern should be support, parts and customer service. So, the next time someone tells you why their paramotor is $2000 more, ask why…. As a dealer it represents the tightest margin of all manufacturers but is a product that will be flying years from now.

Empire PPG, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


The instruction exceeded my expectations and I LOVED the Talon 190 & Core Wing. I also love how fast you guys respond. Thank you so much. I can’t say enough good things about Mike and his school. I look forward to flying.

Frank Mount, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


I own the Blackhawk Intruder 250 quad (4 stroke). I friggin LOVE it!!! I have been flying since 2017 with no problems. I also received training at Blackhawk with Joe Cruze and got my level 2 cert. Also, the folks at Blackhawk have been great to work with from the front office (Heidi) To the guys in the shop and on the field. I am now saving up to buy my second BH unit so I can foot launch. My opinion: great people, great product!

Jason Rooks, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


Best videos and Paramotor advice out there. I love how the people at BlackHawk try to help ALL Paramotorists… Not just the ones who buy BlackHawks. I noticed this in several of your videos. It indicates a genuine caring for the sport and for the people involved in the sport… Not just an interest in selling products.

Rick R., BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


I wanted to thank all of you at the BlackHawk Ranch who helped my Wife and I get into the Air this summer with the Intruder 250…what a great machine! It has been a long journey and after training with Joe in July we feel very comfortable and safe flying the quad. We feel like we really made an excellent decision when we chose this team to make this a reality. So thanks to all of you at the Ranch (Joe, MikeR, Heidi, MikeB, Chuck, Austin, Giovanna). Hope to see you all at the next fly-in!

John & Laurie Ballard, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


As a follow up: FIRST SOLO: 10/26/18 at BlackHawk Paramotors in Valley Springs CA. I’m 64 yrs old with hip issues so I flew a 220 quad instead. My only question is WHY did I wait so long? Do this before it is too late. BlackHawk in the Sierra Foothills is THE place! Thanks to the crew that made this possible. And Blue Skies!

Wayne Everett, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


This Kestrel V3 has a very unique look to it. It appears very sturdy but yet is very elegant and sleek. I ordered mine based on your recommendation, a few 2D photos and a technical understanding of the extrusion. I never saw the V3 as a whole until now. I am overwhelmed. It is also a piece of art, form following function. Cannot wait for mine to arrive.

John Horany, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


Next time someone says “BlackHawk is junk” have them give a reason and some background of why it happened. I’m an Airframe and Powerplant mechanic I have worked on helicopters and now on B747 and B767 and i can say that when something breaks its usually due to user error or someone carrying out maintenance incorrectly. I just purchased a BlackHawk today and I am confident that if the maintenance is done correctly it will outlast all the Paramotors that belong to these idiots on Facebook and YouTube.

Daniel Roycroft, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


Thanks to Blackhawk Paramotor I have fulfilled my dream of flying I am very happy with my purchase and the customer service is outstanding. Blackhawk has a jam up team and are always willing to help figure out any issues (even spent over 30 min on the phone with Mike while he was at a fly in to help me get back in the air). I will purchase more gear and hope to purchase a second paramotor this summer from Blackhawk. The frame, motor, and harness fits like a glove with 0 complaints I would recommend Blackhawk to anyone!!

Cody Lever, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


I started out with the FT 200 Simonini mini plus and the Airtrike for 5 yrs. The design was flimsy and would tend to flex ,bounce and flip me on more than one occasion. When I saw the design of the BH Lite trike at 30 lbs ,so rugged and sturdy and weight shift capable, I was sold. Purchased the Talon 190 2.0 (only to be upgraded to the new 3.0 (turned 90 degrees, and shortened drive train) at no charge to me. BlackHawk has been the best with there response to me. Kudos to Mike ,Heidi,Mike Gambrill🤙

Dennis Thomas, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


Hi my name is Cary. I have a Black Hawk customer going on two years. I live in the same town as Black Hawk. Bought equipment from them & trained with them. I love my Core 30M, Talon 190 & Lite trike. Flash starter issue resolved. It is really good to be in the same town as your equipment provider. I like how Black Hawk is always innovating & improving their products & offerings.

Cary M, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


My name is Chad Blanchard (nick named the Thermonator) I purchased my Blackhawk 125 lite and Velocity Core glider package about 3yrs ago. It Seems like yesterday. I never dreamed I’d be running into the open skys but I finally accomplished my dream. I bought my unit knowing that I’d have great customer support one on one conversations with Mike Robinson himself which means the world when it comes to support. Mike and his Team has always been there for me when a question would arise. I had a great time at training and over 150+ flights now with not one issue. My unit is still strong and flawless and I’m still happy. Look forward to purchasing a quad one day just for change up here and there. I also plan on taking my vacation this year just to go hang at the Ranch! Keep up the awesome work and the flow of great products! Heres to you Team Blackhawk!! Cheers 2020!

Chad Blanchard, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


I’m really enjoying my momentum and R120….It flies like a dream! I have yet to blow a launch nor have I blown a landing, which for a first time flyer shows how easy your equipment is to fly, even in rough air. Plus the seat is off the charts comfortable…you have a great product! Thank you.

Larry Koral, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


Loving my BlackHawk 125 by the way!

Brian Hutchison, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


I’m back home and finally getting to fly my new BlackHawk quad after several weeks of high wind and bad weather. I absolutely love it! I am so glad I finally made the decision to do this. Flying has been a life long dream of mine that I thought I could never afford. I originally started checking into ultra light pricing or a trike (powered hang glider). Then I remembered seeing a powered paraglider flying a few years ago and thought I would check into that. Well, after about two weeks of researching dealers, pricing and safety specs. Oh, and countless videos on the web, I decided to go with ParaToys and gave Mike a call. He was friendly, very knowledgeable and my excitement for this sport grew even more. I couldn’t even sleep at night after I arranged the date with Mike to come to Valley Springs to get trained. I just decided that I was tired of life passing me by with always the excuse of “I can’t afford it”. So, I put it on my credit card and said “I’m gonna start living my dream”. And God am I glad I did! My only regret is that I didn’t do it years ago. The ranch at ParaToys is just beautiful. I can’t think of a better place to be trained. I remember my first flight (I will always remember that) and looking down at the trees right after lift off and thinking how it looked like model train set scenery. I was in complete awe of my surroundings and the fact that I was the one in control. I was emotionally overwhelmed. It was the third greatest day of my life (the first and second was the birth of my two sons). I couldn’t have done it without the training and patience from Rick Hallowes. My warmest thanks will always go out to him. You will never forget the people that helped make your dream come true. I also appreciate the use of Rick and Pam’s home while I was in training. They are good people. In fact, all of the people I met at ParaToys were very friendly and receptive to all of my newbie questions that they have answered a thousand times for others no doubt. The only problem I had with any of my gear was the ‘A’ assist on my quad came off the mount so Mike gave me one off of his quad. The engine has been running great. I was told I got the first blue anodized engine, and it looks as awesome as it sounds. I am very glad Mike talked me into the 313cc. This engine has so much power and I am saving my $ now for a bigger wing so I can convert to tandem as well. There is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful for buying my ppg and not something else. About four week ago at the dry lake bed right outside of Las Vegas here, an ultra-light aircraft crashed the weekend I was going to fly my ppg. Unfortunately the pilot of that aircraft died. It was on all the news channels here as witnesses described how the aircraft seemed to stall and then just nose dive. I didn’t fly that weekend out of respect and not wanting to get caught up in a media circus. But, it just made me even more thankful I bought the safest form of personal aircraft there is. My gratitude goes out to all of you at ParaToys and I hope to see you all soon at the fly-ins!!

William B., BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


I’ve only been flying since April of 2009. Before then I had been collecting information on all the paramotors out there, and I still have that folder. Just to be clear, I had been looking at powered paragliders for 7 freaking years. That gave me more than enough time to look all things over. Your right, I could have bought this one or I could have bought that one. Why did I go with ParaToys and BlackHawk? My decision rested on the fact that their engines have a 2 year warrantee, they stand by their product, the engine is perfect on both takeoffs and landings. Why? At every level possible the engine runs smooth as can be. When I want power, it’s there to respond quickly and I’m a big guy at 240 pounds. I haven’t had a single problem yet in the over 30 flights that I’ve logged so far. Recently I added an additional 2 gal tank, cross countries are a blast, especially when you can trust your engine. I opted to go with the quad unit known as the, BlackHawk LowBoy II. I’m just one that doesn’t want to do that running around crap, especially when it’s dead calm. You would have to work a lot hard to tip this unit over. The fact that it’s light weight combined with the MZ-34 makes gaining altitude a breeze. Not all my landings have been perfect. In fact some of them have been down right ugly. the stability of the LowBoy II quad is unreal. OK, here it is, at one of the fly-ins I crash landed in a wood pile, bad judgment on my part. What damage was done to me and the cage or quad? none! Hope to see ya in the air, if not, maybe you should consider a BlackHawk.

Scott Daniels, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


A friend of mine purchased a new BH 313 with a Rhino cage and picked it up at the show. Although he had a few issues with the starter at first, Mike and his staff worked tirelessly until his unit was ready to fly. They even offered to give him another new unit, but he patiently waited until they had it fixed. They were genuinely concerned about taking care of the problems and making sure he was happy. Even Leon Massa from the Compact Radial Engines was there to make sure the problems were resolved. My friend is now the new ParaToys dealer for Tennessee! I was so impressed with the hospitality Mike showed to us, and the time that Bob spent with me the year before, I sold one of my units and bought a new BH 313 and Rhino cage at the show and had it shipped home. When it arrived, I found that UPS had damaged the frame during shipping. I contacted Mike and he immediately contacted UPS and had it picked up and he sent me new unit. Within a short time I had it mounted to my TrikeBuggy Bullet and I was in the air. To Bob, Mike, Michelle, and the whole ParaToys crew, THANK YOU! I wish you all the very best success in your new endeavors and thank you for your dedication and continued contributions to this wonderful sport of Powered Paragliding!

David Schultz, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


It was nice to meet you last weekend…always good to put a face to a name. You’ve got a great a place, and the improvements you’re doing will make it that much more enticing to train and fly at your ranch…I am looking forward to visiting again! I’d like to express to you what a great experience I had training with Rick Hallowes! My wife and I were warmly greeted by Rick upon our arrival at his home. He had all of my equipment, that I would be taking home, laid-out and described the unfamiliar items to me. As you know we got off to a slow start with the broken axle on the quad, but I thoroughly enjoyed the time watching you and the other pilots flying about. Although I felt my progression was relatively slow (given my past experience with free-flight), Rick was very kind with his patience and diligence. His knowledge and experience on both the equipment and his ability to convey procedures was greatly appreciated. He was able to make the most use of our time with taxiing during the calmer parts of the days and teaching about the equipment and kiting during the windier conditions. Alas, during the final hours I was able to get aloft! What a great time! It took a few minutes to get the feel of a different wing and a motor, but Rick coached me through it with ease. We were able to perform a couple of low level fly-bys and landings before darkness set upon the field. Rick also took several pictures which he has since e-mailed me. Good memories!

Mike Flowers, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


I want to give a big thank you to Joe and Mike of BlackHawk for helping me fulfill my life long dream of flying, a feeling I can’t begin to explain. Joe’s instruction is very well laid out and precise with safety number 1, not to mention Joe’s patients. I was made to feel like part of the family. Mike’s products are the best out there. Having health problems, the quad made flying possible for me, Mike’s ranch is the most relaxing place to fly and camp while watching the horses and cattle grazing or flying over the lake. Mike and Joe and the BlackHawk family are the best.

Doug Smith, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


I just opened last night and I must say this thing is awesome! Literally the craftsmanship and toughness of this thing blows me away. It looks way better in real life than any of the photos I scanned through on my computer. After staring at my BDs for the last few months, I honestly didn’t expect a ppg engine to be this rigid and look this well made. With luck I’ll be able to fire it up tomorrow night for a few flights. Anyway, the motor is beautiful and I thank you for encouraging me to buy this motor!!

Fred Amstel, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


I wanted to share this picture of John Blair flying my low boy quad. Without Johns help I don’t think I would have even thought of buying anything that was Paratoys. John has shown me a lot of things that only a very experienced flight instructor would know. He went as far as to have my quad setup for me and had the mz34 engine broke-in and test flown when I came for my first day of ground handling. I was very impressed with the low boy quad and the feel of a ParaToys wing. This wing is easy to inflate and its performance is awesome. With this setup I feel that I have made a great choice and will only fly a ParaToys wing for life!!!

Matt Lawson, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


Paul from PA…. Just wanted to drop you a line about my first two flights last night! Both the wing and the Black Hawk paramotor worked PERFECT! I got off the ground in less than 5 steps and I’m 220 lbs. I also didn’t notice any torque and the rate of climb was IMPRESSIVE! The ParaToys wing is ROCK SOLID!

Paul, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


I have been having an absolutely great time with my new BlackHawk, thanks a bunch for such an incredibly fun machine.

Jared Kessler, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


First, I just want to take the opportunity to thank you for the Black Hawk package I received last week. I did my first solo Saturday evening, and already have 4.0 hours flown. I would have even more if the weather would cooperate here in Indiana. Everything came as advertised, and I am impressed with the thought and engineering that goes into this machine. Thanks again for such a great product

Ryan R.
Columbia City, Indiana

Ryan R., BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


I realize I have already said it but thank you again for your help and support. I fully realize that it is a business but it is rare to find someone who offers so much for so little. Please feel free to use me as a reference to absolutely anyone in the future and we expect to see you in the UK later this summer.

Derek - United Kingdom, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


It took a few months, but I finally found a used 172cc BlackHawk paramotor. Your Bh sure holds its value, that’s all I’ve got to say about what I had to pay for it. Light, comfortable, and big balls for easy takeoffs. Now my parabuddies look like it takes them forever to get off the ground, since I take off so much quicker. I actually pull started it in the air, numerous times. Wow, you rule all. This is the 4th paramotor I’ve owned, and the best by far. The cage is strong, and the motor even looks sexy. Thanks for making such a great paramotor. I’ve enjoyed flying it immensely. Having owned 3 other paramotors, and flown another few on top of that, I’d easily say this is the best paramotor on the market for overall value and performance. Keep up the great work.

Taylor Moffitt, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


I finally got the chance to fly my new BlackHawk tonight. Because the left-handed throttle is different than my old motor setup, I blew two launches before getting airborne. But once in flight, I was amazed at both my climb-out and and the smoothness and power of the /Black Hawk/Black Devil. Before flight, I was concerned about the significant increase in power I would be getting, but in flight, the extra power was comforting since I knew I could climb more rapidly if need be. I didn’t want to land. WOW what a machine.

Todd Gaerke, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


Just Received My Velocity 30 Size Glider. I Cant Believe I Struggled With My Ranger Paraglider For 2 Years. This Wing Is Amazing It Comes Up Centered Every Time. I Kitted It In Light Variable Winds And It Is Very Easy And Forgiving. Never Before Was I Able To Hold A Wing Up For So Long. You Have A Fine Product And Should Be Proud.

Paul R, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


Wanted to thank you again for working with my 15 year old son Cameron and I. No doubt, one of the wisest decisions I ever made was switching instructors from Claude to you. We had such a good weekend and we met a lot of nice people. I was so excited for my other son Tyler also. I mean how many kids get to go on a tandem ride on a ppg and also get to ride in an ultralight plane on the same weekend…for free! When Tyler gives me the go ahead, I’ll sign him up for lessons but I’m not going to rush him. I want it to be his decision. After you left, Cameron went up for another 3 more flights and I took mine up once , All of Cameron’s take offs were excellent. In fact, when he was having trouble doing a reverse launch due to the diminishing winds, he went to a forward launch and nailed it perfectly. All his landings were excellent as well. He had such a good time and we’re looking forward to doing a lot of flying together. We’re hoping to go back down to Salton Sea Friday night and fly Saturday. Although it’s a bit of a drive, I think it’s a good idea to get in our initial flights where there’s stable air currents and lots of room. We slept with smiles on our faces all night. Thanks again for making our introduction into PPG’S not only informative but a pleasurable one. I’ll be up there Wednesday or Thursday to drop off your wind sock.

Ron Nagin, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


You are a masterful teacher and meant to do the work you do. Look at the influence you’ve had on Larry and David that they would willingly help / share their experiences with a novice. I hope to be back there in June; must work out the time yet. My wing is beautiful.

Tom Mccoy, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


I wanted to drop you a quick line and say thank you again for the last two weekends. I had such an amazing time learning how to paraglide and I owe it all to you! It was such an amazing experience to be able to fly like a bird! You are a great instructor, and I really appreciate your patience and guidance. I learned so much, and I am successfully hooked on the sport. Thank you for allowing me to use your gear and for making me feel so welcomed and comfortable. Your encouragement, support, and enthusiasm really helped me through the process.

Rochelle , BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


Thanks for the great experiences during your training program! I was thoroughly impressed with your patience and demeanor throughout the challenges and triumphs of training. I’ve always dreamed of flying (literally) and wanted to actually do it. The Paramotoring experience is the difference between riding in an airplane viewing the world, like watching a TV vs.. living the experience. I represent the 36 year old male with 3 kids, wife, cat and home in the suburbs, so safety was a key factor in my decision. I chose to travel there from upstate New York to train under your supervision after extensive web & phone research. Among the factors in making my decision was your experience in training so many pilots from around the world, no other instructor came close to the numbers of people that you have trained. I hope to visit you training grounds again or be a part of a national “fly-in” event in the near future. Thanks for the excellent training and great experience!

Bob Kimmel, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


It was fantastic learning the sport and you’re an exceptional instructor. Hope to send you more clients. Many Thanks

Richard (fast hands) Joyce, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


Just wanted to Thank you for a Great experience going thru your training course. It was a lot of fun. I am looking forward to getting back up there to play some more. I am glad I took your course! Your experience and understanding of PPG gave me a confidence I would of never had. It made a great difference. You are a great teacher and I am glad and thankful you are willing to help others like myself enjoy a totally awesome form of recreation. I can’t thank you enough.

Dave Owens, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


Thanks for your excellent training this past weekend. You are good at keeping training fun and interesting. I had a great time.

Jeff Hamann, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


Just wanted to thank you for one of the most exhilarating and fun experiences of my life! Paragliding is a marvelous sport and I had a great time taking the lessons with you. I feel that I have found the “hobby of a life time” and made a personnel friend too. Thanks for being so patient and supportive!

David Siddall, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


I just wanted to let you know how much of a pleasure it was being trained by you. Ingrid and I definitely cannot say enough good things about the training I received and also your pleasant approach to helping me learn. Thanks once again for such professionalism.

Michael S, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


I just wanted to write to you and tell you how much I respect and appreciate your enthusiasm for this sport. It clearly shows up when you teach and it gives me a real joy to know that I am being trained by a true professional who is passionate about his work. Your insights and background information has made this learning experience an absolute pleasure. Also your ability to asses my abilities and create a lesson plan around those abilities is an asset that I wish most instructors possessed. Not only did I learn more efficiently I retained the information! I have three wishes… 1. That you educate OTHER Instructors on how to train the way you do. 2. You keep doing what you love! 3. Lastly, I wish we could go flying together again soon!

Jason Jasnos, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


I just wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude for all the excellent customer service, tech tips, and service after the sale. Your team is the best in the business and I know you will continue to prosper and grow as leaders in the PPG world. You have made it possible for so many people to live out their dream and achieve safe and reliable flight. God bless you and your team at BlackHawk.

David S. Jensen, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


I struggled when trying to decide whether or not to spend the money on a floatation device for my paramotor. When I learned that the number one killer of paramotorists is drowning, I decided that even on the off chance that it would ever be used, it was well worth the roughly $300 investment. I ended up purchasing the 2besure Powerfloat system from I flew around water quite a bit prior to installing the floats. Because of this, I had practiced in my head over and over how I would react if I did somehow end up in the water. I told myself that I would be calm, unbuckle my legs and chest and get away from my unit. After installing the Powerfloats, one day I was flying low over a lake. Unfortunately, I got distracted for one second. That was all it took. The next thing I knew I was crashing into the water. All the practicing in my head went out the window. Fortunately for me I had the flotation device installed. I don’t know what would have happened if I had not, but at the very least I would have lost $7K in equipment, but probably my life as well. Instead, I floated comfortably in my unit until help arrived. The Powerfloats were the best investment I ever made, and I will never fly without them again.

Ryan P. Irwin, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


Hey, just wanted you all to know that if you ever need a testimonial or customer comment/reference let me know….Love flying around in my Blackhawk equipment!!!…Freedom from gravity….a very different perspective on life up there! 😉 Larry

Lawrence C. Koral, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


“Man, what a ride!  I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for a superlative product.  I ordered my unit while you guys were obviously swamped at Oskosh and you still came through on time and on budget with more extras than I ever expected.  I just had flight number 7 and all is perfect.  You guys did good by selecting Ken Morrison of Durant Oklahoma as a BlackHawk dealer.  He is an excellent instructor that takes the time to ensure safe flyers are exiting his program.  As I told you on the phone, I took Jeff Goin’s advice and chose an instructor first and he just happened to sell BlackHawk which made my decision even easier.  I am convinced that the package deals that you have are the absolute best quality for the absolute best price of anyone in the industry.  I had been sitting on the sidelines for over 10 years and finally decided to start living my daydreams instead of wishing my time away looking at videos of other wing nuts enjoying the greatest sport on the planet! I have made calls to you and your staff when I was installing an auxillary kill switch and everyone was first rate every time.  Thanks again for a great product and support that lives up to the hype.  Remember this quote for your advertisment, “It Ain’t Braggin, if You Can Back it Up!  You and your team have a lot to be proud of.  Salute my friend and I hope to see you in April at your fly-in.”

Richard Welch, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


From the very first time I met Mike, I saw his dedication to this sport. His knowledge is vast, and he very generously shares it with us all. He taught me much and gave me the confidence I needed to get started in this sport. As a happy new pilot, I can absolutely recommend him for training. Bjarne Sorensen, Port Byron, IL

Bjarne Sorensen, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


Love the Elektra! I am getting used to it’s characteristics… Big difference from the Momentum. The Elektra wants to be airborne – NOW! As soon as the glider is overhead, you’d better be ready! I’m sure you pros are used to wings like this, but as a low-time pilot, it took me by surprise. The hype on this thing is actually true!

Really want to thank all at Paratoys who have made my dream of flying a reality!  Words can’t describe how in awe I was just after my first solo on the Talon 175.

Dealing with Mike at Paratoys was very pleasurable.  Very good customer service. I have recently been back for spare parts such as an extra prop and drive belt, “just in case.”

I look forward to more business with you guys in the future! Already been planning my next opportunity for flight!

Thanks again!

Dennis Hushour, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


Just wanted to tell you all at Paratoys,”Blackhawk” that I received my new Talon 175 paramotor and really happy with the quality built frame and engine. This thing is amazingly well engineered and built.

Last sunday I had the opportunity to solo for the first time with this unit.  The engine has so much power and climbed very nicely.  Smooth acceleration and not much torque steer when I hammered on the throttle.

Really want to thank all at Paratoys who have made my dream of flying a reality!  Words can’t describe how in awe I was just after my first solo on the Talon 175.

Dealing with Mike at Paratoys was very pleasurable.  Very good customer service. I have recently been back for spare parts such as an extra prop and drive belt, “just in case.”

I look forward to more business with you guys in the future! Already been planning my next opportunity for flight!

Thanks again!

Cody Bock, BlackHawk Paramotor Owner


“At Salton Sea 2013 I was offered a unique opportunity to get to know a new paramotoring wing before it’s official release. The Velocity Elektra though not in it’s final form was an absolute delight… Let me start at the beginning though: Flight test was from sea level, flying a Miniplane Top 80 with low hook in points. I was fully loading the 23M Elektra at 103kg. Upon laying out the wing I was immediately impressed by the weight and construction of the glider. Modern materials and battons in the nose and tail made inflation incredibly simple. The model I was flying did not have split A’s but production models have been promised with them (I’ll very much look forward to that). The glider came up smoothly for a few minutes of light input reverse kiting followed by a low wind forward with very little effort. The wing has a lot of energy upon launch so I had to apply LOTS of brake to keep the wing from overshooting on launch. Once in the air I was shocked to find myself maintaining level flight at just 4,550rpm on the Top80… At 103kg I expected to need a lot more power but the 23M Elektra seems to offer an astounding glide ratio, even loaded to the top end of the weight range. Handling is similar to an EN C style glider but with a bit more forgiveness which is an obvious nod to it’s DHV 1.2 styling. Light inputs resulted in smooth turns without the traditional arm weariness you often get from a 1.2 wing. More aggressive inputs along with heavy weight shifts proved to make this glider an absolute BLAST to fly.. Carving up the sky in a manner that made it
feel like an even smaller wing, but still with little power input necessary. Flare authority was more than sufficient though the model I was flying had brakes that were long enough to be more comfortable on a high hook in harness. Overall, I’m very impressed by Velocity’s new glider. I’ll be adding one to my quiver of wings for both motor and free flight purposes”.

Eric AVIATOR Farewell, BlackHawk Paramotor Owner


August 14, 2015 I’m sure my BlackHawk experience began similar to so many – I kept seeing a guy flying by my office window each week (over the ocean), and said to myself “that looks so easy, and so fun, I have to do this”!!! – so I started seriously looking into the sport. My research kept leading me to BlackHawk Paramotors, as they seemed to meet (my) essentials requirements.

  1. Training Facility – the BlackHawk Ranch is 100+ acres of beautiful pasture, surrounded by mountains and Hogan Lake – it’s a vacation experience just to be at their facility. Minimum distractions allow students to completely focus on the training program.

I would highly encourage new students to either rent a motor home or camp at the Ranch – maximize your training experience!

  1. Dedicated (Qualified) Staff – I have led service organizations for 20+ years – and have very high standards for Customer Service. Mike, Heidi, Joe, Luis, Edwyn, these folks truly personify “world class customer service”.

Telephone calls (pre-sales) were promptly returned – my endless questions were patiently answered; every email and inquiry was answered to my satisfaction. During the training process, Joe sensed my challenges and was calm and was very reassuring throughout. I did solo on my 3rd day of training, and the 1st flight experience is one I’ll never forget, especially when you consider I flew straight up to 800’, then accidently killed the engine getting in my seat (common newbie mistake) – fortunately the BlackHawk 125 easily re-started, and I was allowed to continue the flight!

  1. Service After the Sale. This is critical. The BlackHawk Team has been awesome in providing post-sales service. I’ve worked with them on several different wings, had a minor (engine) service issue that Luis and Edwyn worked diligently to resolve and get me back in the air. The service team is reliable, available, and totally professional – simply could not ask for more!

Additionally, BlackHawk maintains a (continuously updated) “Tips and Tricks” video library online – this material is comprehensive and very useful in refreshing my training and maintaining my equipment.

  1. Product Performance. THE most critical aspect of our sport, “can I count on my gear”? The answer better be “YES”, your life depends on it!

I frequently fly with a small group (who fly larger, more costly non-BlackHawk gear) – and the running joke is “how many pulls will it take”? Everyone is amazed that my BlackHawk 125 tends to start on 1st or 2nd pull, time after time – while their engines take 6-8 pulls! Additionally, my BlackHawk 125 runs very cool – 335 degrees is common, while other engines exceed 400! I have completed 61 flights, 18 of those being >20 mile over ocean cross-country – and not a single engine out! Not once has my engine quit – in all that time – not a single blown launch (from equipment anyway) – this gear is ROCK SOLID!!! One thing you’ll quickly discover when you take up this sport – is the constant attention and inquiries from bystanders – when you think about it, who among us hasn’t fantasized about personal flight – BlackHawk provides a solid, safe pathway from fantasy to reality. I am often asked, “where do I begin”? My answer is “call Heidi Lee at BlackHawk, you won’t be sorry”!!! Happy flying – see you in the air! Joe Hall 8.14.15  

Joe Hall, BlackHawk Paramotor Owner