Kiting Harness for Powered Paragliding:

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ABOUT OUR PARAMOTOR KITING HARNESS: This is a MUST-HAVE item for all pilots. BlackHawk Kiting Harnesses are manufactured to the highest standards, using only the highest-quality materials. These Paramotor Kiting Harnesses are designed to last a lifetime. Extra padding in the shoulder & leg straps allow pilots to kite for hours without the “uncomfortable chafing” caused by other brands. If you are purchasing a Paramotor from BlackHawk Paramotors USA, we highly recommend adding a Kiting Harness to your purchase… See why below:


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Velocity Paragliders USA - A Division of BlackHawk

Kiting Harness Review


  • Kiting a Paraglider is GREAT exercise, and by kiting in a variety of conditions, your skill as a pilot will increase exponentially. Take your Paraglider to the beach on a low-wind day, go to your favorite park, or take it with you when you travel out of town. For pilots who live on the coast, it’s important to get experience kiting inland, so remember to take your glider with you.

    YOU WANT A KITING HARNESS? Simply give BlackHawk Paramotors a call at (209) 786-7899. Normally, we can ship your new Kiting Harness out the same day you order! Get it fast and start improving your skill as a pilot today!


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Velocity Paragliders USA - A Division of BlackHawk


Get Your FREE Carabiners…

If you order a Velocity Kiting Harness with ANY Velocity Paraglider, we will include a FREE SET of high-quality Standard Carabiners! We want to encourage new Pilots to have all the tools they need to become the safest Paramotorist possible.