BlackHawk LowBoy III Hybrid Paramotor Quad

The ULTIMATE Crossover Paramotor Platform:

HYBRID Platform

Quad or Trike

The LowBoy III Hybrid Quad is a game-changing platform for the sport of Powered Paragliding. In just seconds, you can go from Trike Mode to Quad Mode. “The world’s best-selling Paramotor platform just got even better!”

BlackHawk LowBoy III Hybrid QUAD:


  • New thicker (1 1/4 inch) fiberglass suspension axles provide incredible strength and shock absorption – with more than a foot of wheel travel. Stainless Steel Quick-release pins are located throughout the platform – making it easier than ever to collapse the platform for travel or storage.

  • The LowBoy III is by far the safest and easiest way to fly a Powered Paraglider. BlackHawk’s all-new platform provides safety beyond any other PPG configuration. Especially in its capacity to handle the worst or most uneven terrain. Additionally, the quad can remain stable with an “off-center” paraglider, still staying upright on its wheels.

  • The LowBoy III is constructed with 6061 large-diameter aluminum tubing – providing the ultimate strength-to-weight ratio. With easy, straight-axle steering, high speed wheel bearings, comfortable racing seat (with cover), and a 4 POINT SEATBELT. (The LowBoy does not utilize a “PPG harness” – which leaves you bound and not very maneuverable while in flight… It uses a bucket seat with a lower center-of-gravity and provides for more comfort & movement while in flight.

  • Can be used for single or tandem passenger flight and features a low center of gravity. This provides for super easy launching and landing. The LowBoy III Quad is the SAFEST platform in the industry!

  • Entire frame can be disassembled in less then 5 minutes for compact travel. The frame and cage feature INCREDIBLE PAINTWORK! A beautiful powder coat and clear coat create a “metallic finish” you won’t find on any other PPG platform.

  • Compatible with the INTRUDER 250 EFI 4-Stroke and the Cors-Air Black Bull engines. Comes STANDARD with the “Trike Mode” configuration only. The Quad front-end is sold as an upgrade (HIGHLY recommended for beginners and Tandem applications).

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BlackHawk Paramotor LowBoy III


One of the most common questions we get is “what size area do I need to takeoff and land in a LowBoy III?” Incredibly enough, skilled Pilots only need about 50-75 feet to takeoff, and just 25 feet to land! The unbeatable efficiency of our Velocity Paragliders and the lightweight design of BlackHawk units put these “flying machines” in a class of their own. This is why many Pilots utilize their own backyard as a flight-field, instead of needing access to a runway. The LowBoy III also comes STANDARD with BlackHawk’s Tundra Tires – turning your personal aircraft into a STOL (short takeoff or landing) Paramotor. This is the “Super Cub Bushplane of PPG!”

BlackHawk-Paramotor-LowBoy-III-TIRESBlackHawk LowBoy III

Super-Cub-Bush-PlaneSuper Cub Bush Plane

BlackHawk LowBoy III Quad PRICING & DETAILS:

BlackHawk LowBoy III Hybrid Paramotor Quad

LowBoy III Hybrid (Trike Mode Only*):


**LowBoy III Hybrid (Quad Upgrade):


**LowBoy III Hybrid (Quad Upgrade):


*Aero 1000 4-Stroke With LowBoy III & Glider:


*Black Bull 2-Stroke With LowBoy III & Glider:


*details may apply
**quad upgrade price based on Package purchase
***TRIKE MODE does not include the cage.

Custom colors +$300
Line Guides +$65
Aluminum 4.6 Gallon Tank Kit +$569
Custom modifications for anyone with a handicap – *FREE

*Limitations apply. Contact us for details.

BlackHawk Offers This LARGE Upgrade Gas Tank!Want to “go the extra distance” on your flights? Consider upgrading to BlackHawk’s sleek 4.6 gal aluminum fuel tank (seen in the picture above)! Make sure to check all applicable laws regarding fuel capacity where you live. This can vary from country to country.

-Standard LowBoy III Quad-

Width of cage on quad (with wheels): 68 inches(165cm)

Length of quad: 83 inches (191cm)

Width of cage (Line Guide to Line Guide): 71 inches (145cm)

Height: 71 inches(170cm)

-Approximate Weight-



LowBoy III & Aero 1000:

LowBoy III at EAA 2019:

LowBoy + Aero 1000 ASSEMBLY:


(833) PPGFLYR (774-3597)



  • BlackHawk’s LowBoy III Tandem Quad was designed for single or tandem passenger flight. The Tandem LowBoy features a low center of gravity, very comfortable racing seat, and foot bar for passenger. It’s super easy to launch or land, making it extremely safe and fun to fly!


  • NEW TANDEM EXEMPTION: Effective now, existing USPPA Tandem Instructors who are already certified with at least a PPG 3 Wheel-Launch Rating are allowed to do Foot-Launch or Wheeled Tandems under an updated exemption 9751E. For more details about Tandem Paramotor flight and regulations, please CLICK HERE.


LowBoy III Hybrid Tandem (Quad):


LowBoy III Hybrid Tandem (BOTH Quad & Trike):


*Customers are responsible for checking the applicable regulations where they reside or fly. Tandem Paramotor flight may require licenses, exemptions, or even be illegal depending on the Country. Please contact BlackHawk prior to ordering if you aren’t sure. We’re here to help!

NOTE: This is a brand new product from BlackHawk in 2019. We are currently in the process of producing our “assembly” and “product demo” videos. Please check back soon. If you have any questions about this product, assembly procedures, or compatibility, please contact BlackHawk prior to ordering (209) 786-7899.