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Paramotor Lessons With BlackHawk Paramotors USA!

Welcome to The BlackHawk Ranch Training Experience:

Powered Paragliding Lessons BlackHawk Paramotors

The BlackHawk Powered Paragliding Training course is the most complete in the industry. After over 13 years experience, and hundreds of students later, we KNOW how to teach each individual in a safe and efficient way. We have 90% of our students comfortable and confident flying in just 3 to 5 days (wheeled flight). As a USPPA Certified Training School, students follow a very thorough & progressive Training Syllabus to ensure that all important aspects of flight are covered. BlackHawk Paramotor Training Courses last a FULL 7 DAYS and can be broken up into segments to accommodate those who can’t stay an entire week. We have 4 Certified Instructors with an average of 10 years experience each.

Average QUAD Training Completion:
Average Foot Launch Completion:
Maximum Days Per Course:

One Student’s Journey:

This video follows the Paramotor Training journey of BlackHawk student Jennifer Lo. This is JUST ONE of the endless “life-changing adventures” that take place at the BlackHawk Ranch in California. Our flight field has truly become “The Field of Dreams.” Each week of the year, groups of students from around the world are realizing a dream that started when they were children… The dream of floating through the sky – like a bird. This is absolute freedom. Welcome to your next great adventure!


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BlackHawk BEGINNER Paramotor Training Course DETAILS:

BEGINNER Course Covers:

  • Review and understanding of the equipment.

  • Review of the various parts of the Paraglider – what they do, and why.

  • How to put a harness on, make adjustments for comfort, and proper usage for safety.

  • Proper reverse wing launch & techniques for higher wind conditions (5 to 10-mph).

  • Proper forward launch techniques for zero or low-wind conditions (0 to 5 mph).

  • Ground-handling of the wing: proper inflation and learning to control both brake toggles.

  • Control of the wing while starting in “reverse launch” and turning to the “forward launch” position.

  • Several advanced ground handling techniques such as: high wind launches, low wind launches, ground handling without a harness, weight shift ground handling, fast deflation of the wing, safety techniques, and upside down inflation to clean debris from the wing’s cells.

  • Forward & reverse launch simulations (without the motor running)

  • Powered winch tows for your first off-ground experience.

  • Simulator training to experience flying without ever leaving the ground.

  • How to properly get into the harness while in flight, and various in-flight weight shift steering techniques.

  • Complete discussion of first solo flight: launch technique, flight course to follow, throttle adjustments, making turns, and landing procedures.

  • Preflight safety inspections and warming up the engine properly.

  • How to safely handle unpredictable conditions or situations if they arise.

  • Multiple flights & touch-n-go’s to reach the goal of flying without instructor assistance.

  • Basic engine & glider maintenance procedures

  • Discussion of when and where to fly safely, including a review of part 103 of the FAA regulation pertaining to Powered Paragliding.

  • Review of the various equipment options available on the market.

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Powered Paragliding Training Lessons at BlackHawk Paramotor Ranch California


“This is a FULL course to learn the “ins and outs” of Powered Paragliding”

The Powered Paragliding Course provides the skills and knowledge you need to confidently fly on your own. Learn about the equipment, launching, and landing! Get the fundamentals of maintenance, weather, and many other tricks that would take years to learn on your own. Only 3 students are allowed per instructor, therefor space is limited. Please call to reserve your spot. Training is available 7 days a week at the BlackHawk Ranch.

We also offer FREE refresher courses to all of our students. Give us a call and spend some time working with our instructors to get you over whatever hurdle you need practice with. We will be here for you now and in the future.

IMPORTANT NOTES FOR BEGINNER COURSE ATTENDEES: Flight cannot be guaranteed by ANY Paramotor School or Training Program – For example: a college can’t guarantee that someone will earn their degree if enrolled in the school… It is extremely rare, however, uncontrollable factors like weather or even a student’s personal ability to learn could cause a Student to not finish the program within the set number of Paramotor Training days. Should this happen, BlackHawk will address the situation on an individual basis, however, if our Instructors feel that a student is not ready to fly, the Instructor will have the absolute final say. There are NO REFUNDS FOR PARAMOTOR TRAINING. If uncontrollable circumstances are presented, the student may re-schedule a time to complete the remainder of the program in the future.

If a student purchases their own equipment to train on (instead of using our provided School equipment), the student will be expected to assemble their Frames, Quads, or Trikes in order to practice assembly and learn this important process. This should be done with your Instructor. Of course all engines will be built by our Professional Mechanics, however, the remainder of the assembly is the Student’s responsibility and part of the Training experience at our California location. Knowing how to reassemble your gear upon returning home is important. Upon completing Training, Students must disassemble their equipment for shipment to their home (this includes the disassembly of the Frame, Quad, or Trike, removal of the prop, and completely emptying the machine of any gas). If you would like BlackHawk to assemble or disassemble your equipment for you, advance notice must be given (no less than one week prior to your Lessons starting) and a minimum of a $100 charge per assembly / disassembly may be applied.


BE PREPARED: What to BringAccommodationsPricing:

Learn to Fly a Paramotor With BlackHawk Paramotors USA: TRAINING PRICESWITH the purchase of a Paramotor Package Deal:

Quad Training: $2,100

Foot Launch Training: $2,100

WITHOUT the purchase of a Paramotor Package Deal:

Quad Training: $2,500

Foot Launch Training: $2,500

NOTE: Prices reflect training at our California Headquarters ONLY. Our Dealers & affiliate schools determine their own training fees.

Be Prepared for Paramotor Lessons or Training

Training at the BlackHawk Ranch is truly an amazing experience. We want to make sure you maximize your training time by having everything you may need. Here are a few things to consider bringing on your adventure…

NOTE: After reading this information, please contact our Office to confirm your lesson schedule… The time of day Lessons begin may change due to seasonal conditions. Sales Director Heidi Lee can be reached by cell or text at (209) 418-5990 or

  1. First things first… Layers! If you are coming to train in the winter or fall seasons, make sure to bring plenty of warm clothes. Even in the summer, it can get cool in the mornings and evenings. When you take your first flight, the windchill factor can make it an uncomfortable experience if you are not dressed properly. If it’s the middle of the summer, it can get hot running around the flight field with a Paraglider all day. Please do not wear shorts while training. Make sure to bring some lightweight pants and T-shirts.
  2. We also suggest bringing gloves and a face mask – especially if it’s winter. Make sure the gloves allow you to “feel” and are not thick snow gloves. Many students get dirt bike riding gloves or motorcycle gloves.
  3. Boots with ankle support and a solid sole are a must… Make sure the sole is somewhat flexible and doesn’t prevent movement or bending. For safety reasons, make sure there aren’t any metal lace hooks or obstructions that may catch on a glider line.
  4. Sunglasses are important as you will be looking up at the glider for long periods of time. A baseball cap or hat is recommended as well.
  5. SUNSCREEN!!! Even if you are accustomed to being in the sun, make sure to bring plenty of SPF 50 sunscreen. A bad enough burn can prevent training for some people. Don’t forget this one!
  6. You may want to invest in a small cooler for water and snacks. The ranch is a little bit of a drive from the nearest store.
  7. When you get here, you will want to buy plenty of bottled water. It is extremely important to stay hydrated on the field, especially in the summer.
  8. Consider buying a bulk pack of granola bars, or a large bag of trail mix. We want you to keep your energy up and train as long as possible each day.
  9. Bring a digital camera for the memories! We highly recommend a GoPro camera for recording your flights.
  10. Swim suit and towels to enjoy the lake if time permits.

The 10th Green Inn – Valley Springs CA

CLICK HERE for their website or call (209) 772-1084

10th Green Inn Valley Springs CaliforniaAll rooms Feature telephone in house and local calls, coffee maker, refrigerator, microwave, free wireless internet access, fireplace, wetbar, private bathroom, heat/AC and a continental breakfast. Eight rooms have a view of the golf course. Mention that you are a BlackHawk Paramotor Student for a DISCOUNT!

OR CAMP FOR FREE at The BlackHawk Ranch:

Camping at the BlackHawk Ranch Valley Springs CA

Free tent & RV camping right on the Flight Field! (NO HOOKUPS AVAILABLE)

30% of Students Come From Abroad:

WHO we are and WHAT we do:

ADVANCED Paramotor Training Courses & SIV Clinics:


The goal of this course is to increase the PPG pilot’s knowledge base and skills to equal several years of weekend flying – in only a few days. The advanced course covers: flying with other pilots, cross country flights, in flight advanced skills such as: big ears, low to the ground flying, spot landing, and the fine tuning of both ground handling skills & in-flight skills. Also includes an “SIV clinic” and boat towing. This course requires that the student own and fly their own equipment during the course. Certain additional safety gear may be required prior to participation in this course. Call us for prices and Instructor availability, or to make sure you have all the required safety equipment for participation.

BlackHawk SIV Training:

Advanced Training Courses and SIV Clinics must be scheduled in advance. Please call us for more information and pricing.